Who we are

Our values

We know we are a small company in the big world of chocolate making – but we know that makes us special. We don’t mass-produce. We thoughtfully care for every part of what we do.

We love all things natural. You’ll be able to taste our passion for chocolate in the quality and flavour of every piece. We use Peruvian cocoa and the only ingredients to pass through our facility are cocoa, cocoa butter, coconut sugar, raw sugar, ground vanilla, essential oils and spices. We keep our facility vegan, dairy free and gluten free as are all our ingredients.

We ensure that:

  • We seek to understand our impact in the world. We try to be as sustainable as possible; with a carbon neutral policy for our eating chocolate brand with all factory ommissions and transport offest with reforestation projects in the Amazonian forest of Peru. We are also certified Fairtrade and in process of organic certification. We focus on all-natural, Fairtrade certified and fully traceable products – and not just because it’s nice, but because it’s vital to the ongoing wellbeing of the people and the world we live in.
  • We have passion and pride for our chocolate products. The chocolate is high quality and both our chocolate and drinking chocolate range is a real experience. We know that our customers buy Bennetto Chocolate because they love our attention to every detail and they can trust us.
  • We like to do things differently. We try to innovate with new ideas, flavours and ways to enjoy chocolate (“ugly is beautiful” for our handmade bars).

Our values are important to us and we know that our customers think they are pretty important too. We are privileged to make chocolate that we believe is thoughtful –we see our producers, suppliers, staff and consumers as part of our friendly company.


How it started

Our company champion is Lucy. Her last name Bennetto, a real food lover  and the main inspiration behind the name of the brand. It was her original fascination for formulating whole food recipes and visiting cooperatives that got her interested in chocolate. From the kitchen bench-top, Lucy started refining chocolate using an Indian spice grinder she found on TradeMe and a cool fan to keep the motor cool so she could keep it running for days to get the chocolate nice and fine. The results were so incredible that TechNZ gave her a grant to develop the recipes further. Realising that she needed to see first hand how the cacao beans were grown, Lucy then made her first trip to the Dominican Republic. This was the light bulb moment that made her realise that ethical sourcing from a sustainable cocoa supply was imperative to the true values of making chocolate.

The first product was a raw cacao chocolate followed by the Drinking Chocolate Bar. Shortly after this bar was introduced to the retail market we won a few awards- and has remained our focus since. And nowadays we still continue to extend our products with two high standard hot chocolate powders and a new range of eating chocolate in four flavours launching in October 2018.

As you see, our start was small, but we’ve always aimed to do more than simply produce great chocolate. Our hope is that we inspire people everywhere, to be thoughtful in every aspect of their business. We now know that it’s possible to produce food that nourishes whole communities and is still truly good for our customers. That’s pretty exciting don’t you think?!



Foto und Copyright: Christof Krackhardt, contact: mail@foto-organico.com 0049 - 172 - 2116815 0049 - (0) 661 - 20696308










Foto und Copyright: Christof Krackhardt, contact: mail@foto-organico.com
0049 – 172 – 2116815 0049 – (0) 661 – 20696308