How To Serve


Quick Serving suggestions.

Get your milk really hot and dont worry about taking it high as your not making coffee.

Stir one, two or three pieces of Bennetto chocolate directly into steaming milk.

(If you like extra flavour, sprinkle with cinnamon, add vanilla, chilli or spice.)

Blend with a milk frother for a rich hot chocolate.

Place blended drink in fridge for a refreshing iced-chocolate.


The two simple ways to prepare Bennetto hot chocolate with milk are: ‘Submarine style’ and ‘Blended‘.

Whichever option you prefer, make sure you get the milk nice and hot and don’t forget to dust with extra spices if you like.

Submarine Style’ 

Place the whole bar upright in a cup of freshly steamed milk then watch it disappear. Give it a stir with a spoon, then use your spoon to finish the chocolate goodness that lies at the bottom. Hot Tip: It’s OK to get milk nice and hot when adding to sweet things. (just saying again)   Tip#2 Rescue it before it disappears and eat some! Tip#3: Place one piece in the bottom of your coffee and stir through. Tip#4. For small children with fluffies, drop some vanilla in the milk, give them a piece each and a spoon – this always keeps them occupied.

‘Blended Style

For those chocolate lovers who want that silky smooth texture of a pure chocolate, hot chocolate. Heat the milk in a small jug or pan, then place the Bennetto chocolate in.  Sit it aside, then after a minute, finish it off with a quick whizz.  Once blended the chocolate will not settle at all.

Hot Tip: We find a whizzstick, milk steamer or coffee plunger gives the desired effect you will be looking for. Tip#2: Place blended chocolate in fridge for an iced chocolate.Tip#3: Add vanilla if serving to children – it tastes like marshmallows without the extra sugar!