Our Drinking Chocolate bar

Our 70% pure cocoa, dark chocolate drinking bars have been designed with less acidity than other eating chocolate. That’s how we can get the chocolate blend through the hot milk better -and we spent a long time making this happen. We wanted people to enjoy pure hot chocolate that melts with the milk, rather than settling at the bottom of the cup. With less bitterness, even with high cocoa percentage, they are just as delicious to eat.

Our premium chocolate made from criollo cocoa, is Fairtrade certified and is also vegan, made with all organic ingredients, gluten, soy and dairy free as well as free of bleached white sugar. That’s a mouthful when you say it out loud, but that’s because we want to bring you the highest quality pure drinking chocolate bar.

Bennetto drinking chocolate bar is a healthier option; with 70% cocoa and no preservatives or starchy fillers. Our bars contain only premium organic cocoa beans, raw sugar, ground vanilla, ground spices and essential oils – that’s all, we promise!

The bars offer a serving size choice of one, two or three pieces – you get to decide – it’s all about the intensity of chocolate you prefer.