Fairtrade Certification

We put a lot of thought into our chocolate, so it’s important to think of everyone involved at every stage of the chocolate making stages. Fairtrade isn’t a marketing slogan – it’s an intentional decision to ensure our growers are protected and have a future.

Having the registered Fairtrade mark is also for you – our customers. It’s your independent guarantee that Bennetto Chocolate meets international Fairtrade standards.

Essentially this means that the farmers who grow the finest cacao and organic sugar are paid a Fairtrade price. We purchase direct from the certified Fairtrade supplier in Peru, and pay the additional Fairtrade Premium, which is passed on to our producers. Because it is such an important part of our values, we are committed to Fairtrade and actively engage in supporting Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand.

Because we understand the process – we are enormously proud of all things certified Fairtrade – not just our own products. Please take the time to check the Fairtrade certified companies and products in New Zealand by visiting fairtrade.org.nz/products.

If you would like to find out more about Fairtrade and how you can support the importers, producers and manufacturers, then visit them at these online locations: