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Currently available:  Chocolate Seconds / Broken chocolate for baking: Coffee 1kg & 2kg, Intense Dark 1kg & 2kg, Mint & Cacao Nibs 1kg & 2kg. From time to time we get damaged packaging, broken chocolate or an oversupply and have to move on to the new stock well before the current stock is consumed.  As an obligation to our customers demands we generally never sell product with less than 5 months remaining on the Best Before date even though chocolate does not ‘go off‘.  So for those of you who like to stand up against food waste and don’t mind a bit of broken product or short date here or there, this ones for you! We have made this ‘reduced to clear‘-  but still good as gold.

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Intense Dark 1kg Carton, Coffee 1kg Carton, Intense Dark 2kg Carton, Coffee 2kg Carton, Mint & Cacao Nibs 1kg, Mint & Cacao Nibs 2kg